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Welcome @ Cindyrella's

Get youself ROYAL treated

This logo isn't just a logo, it holds great sentiment and meaning to my life

The 5 dots on the crown represent : ohana, which means family ,and family means nobody gets left behind.Our family tree consists of % couples

The 4 diamonds represent your worth. Your worth s ike that of a diamond's and that cindyrella's will always try to shine even brighter than before .Just like Rihanna's song : Shine bright like a diamond

 (4 is also my lucky number ,it's played a big part to many events in my life)

The crown represents Cindyrella's slogan : "Its n Royal experience "(.I grow up with the nickname "Princess" in our household  ,because I am the youngest and only daughter of 4 brothers)

The heart represents the fact that everything I do is with passion and love.

The heart facing eachother is also 2 C's for Cindy Coetzee

The pink color in the crown represents my Birtstone and that I LOVE PINK